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Force sensitive haptic feedback for AR biobsy training.

Augmented Reality biopsy simulations allow training of different procedures with various complexities while seeing the insertion of the biopsy needle on a CT scan in real-time. This informs trainees with a comprehensive overview of the situation, however lacks the haptic feedback which is a crucial factor of the procedure, especially for higher risk insertions. 

Neetly provides accurate haptic feedback that matches the resistance of the different tissues of biopsy procedures. This helps students gain confidence and experience before entering the workforce. 

The project was a remote collaboration between students from Imperial College London, the Technical University of Munich and Gravity Sketch, exploring best practices for remote collaboration using Gravity Sketch’s design and collaboration platform.


3 Months

Product Design


Tobias Kappeler

Janis Milde

Yuan Ying

Product overview & functions

Product overview & core functions

3 Axis movable platform allows for insertion up to a 60° angle and 15cm depth.

Product perspective

The artificial skin and silicon layer mimic the first layers of insertion and hold the needle in place during the operation

Hardware overview

Through the use of pulleys and the aluminium groove profile, a smooth yet fast response of the platform is ensured. This is powered through a dual-shaft stepper motor. 

Biopsy Training

Neetly training steps


System Overview

Schematic view
System Diagram


Ideation on haptic feedback


Concept development

Process Video

Application Video

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