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Virtual Craftsmanship

Workshop education & training in VR

Virtual Craftsmanship is an interactive virtual reality software in which users construct using virtually simulated machines based on real-life construction work. The vision is to educate people about construction processes and methods and avoid learning software-internal commands – but instead, how to use real machines. This work environment is accessible in multiplayer mode for up to four people to increase transparency and interdisciplinarity between different professions. 

The project was developed in collaboration with the Institute for 4D Technologies from the FHNW in Brugg, Switzerland. 


1 year

Virtual Reality

Software Design


Game Design

Tobias Kappeler

Biraveen Ponnu

Ahni Chang

Machine Functions:

Danger warnings

When users come to close to danger zones or interact with the machines in the wrong way, the software indicates this through a change of material and the VR controllers vibrating. 

Menu & Interaction Design

All virtual interactions, are designed as close to real workshop interaction as possible.

The menu can be opened through a button on the controller and is attached to your wrist, like looking at your watch.

To interact with the menu, simply point your index finger towards a button and push it. Once you hit the button, the controller vibrates to confirm the action.


Level Design

Gamification and Serious Game Symposium

The project was showcased at the 18th Gamificaiton and Seious Game Symposium in Neuchatel Switzerland under the category “Architecture and Urbanism”.

(Old project name)