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Haragana - Lounge chair

Under the brief “Dreams and Dystopias in Urban Living”, I built the lounge chair Haragana. 

The chair was developed under the theme of "observation". The design invites for observation of the chair when not seated due to the almost symmetrical bent tubes and of the surroundings when seated due to its low and laid back seating point. 


The chair is made from a 19mm steel tube for the outline and 16mm steel tubes on the inside and the legs. The seating is made from natural cork with a high density.  

February 2020

4 weeks

Furniture Design

Tobias Kappeler

A Design Award 2022 Bronze Award

Furniture Design






Defining the seating position

Testing different seating positions with users and projecting their preferred position onto the wall to find a position and size that works for a wide range of people. 

CAD Modelling